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XrossWorld is an online marketplace serving clients who are looking for unique experiences ranging from fitness, yoga and dance classes, to extreme sports, martial arts, or even a relaxing massage.


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About Xrossworld

XrossWorld was founded by Julio Chaves and Jascha Rynek in 2017. Two avid adventure seekers and world travelers who met through the art of Capoeira in 2015. Their passion for adventure, fitness, and technology led them to begin development of XrossWorld in late 2017. It was during this time, while on a skiing trip, when they noticed how difficult it was to consolidate plans and seek out new activities. With Jascha's background in app development and Julio's business expertise and experience bringing fitness to people across the globe, they found they had created a platform that could bring people together with new adventures, experiences and fitness options.

Xrossworld Mission

Uniting a world of activities inspiring people to lead an active lifestyle.

Meet the XW Founders

Julio Cerne Chaves - CEO

As CEO of XrossWorld, I am excited to apply my entrepreneurial success to my passions for fitness and technology. Before relocating to the US from Australia, I was a co-founder and the CEO of a private education company called the College of Sports & Fitness (CSF). During my tenure, we increased business revenue by 1200%, added two campuses, developed a team of 30 staff and graduated thousands of students.

CSF was developed to fill a gap in the education sector that I identified by providing an accredited private college catering to international students. In that same vein, XrossWorld also originated from identifying a need in the market when it comes to the way consumers access fitness and wellness activities. My co-founder and I identified financial and convenience barriers to accessing these activities that the XrossWorld app will eliminate. XrossWorld also benefits our business partners by allowing them to reach a wider audience in one convenient place.

While my personal interests have included many fitness pursuits, one constant has been my dedication to the Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira. What started as a hobby over 20 years ago developed into a passion that ignited the entrepreneur in me.

Capoeira was the foundation for CSF in Australia and it also led me to create XrossWorld with the goal of helping our clients connect to Partner activities in the health and fitness space.

Jascha Rynek - CTO/COO

Jascha Rynek CoFounded XrossWorld in 2017 and serves as the company’s COO.  Previously Jascha was the Director of Technologies (2013-2016) and co-founder of HAKU Inc. a data science platform helping social media managers autonomously connect and grow their network.

Jascha specializes in production design and has over 15 years experience designing and architecting administrative and front end web applications for businesses small and large.  Jascha has been an application developer, graphic designer, data scientist and world traveler ever since he left school to get out and experience the world.

His passions lie in simplifying complex problems with intuitive and clean graphic design and in the myriad of programming languages he has mastered.  The son of a computer programmer and musician, Jascha has developed talents in both of these disciplines. He began building computers by the age of 8 and has learned the structure and discipline needed to bring a moment of inspiration to fruition through dedication and hard work.

As a lifelong athlete and a practitioner of the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira for 10 years, Jascha’s desire with XrossWorld is to deliver an easy to use, functional platform for those wishing to pursue health through an active, fulfilling lifestyle utilizing the tools technology affords us.

Meet the XW Team

Kevin Mehlbrech - Cloud Infastructure and Platform Consultant

Kevin is an experienced software engineer and manager with over a decade of professional experience. Early in his career he worked for tech giants Microsoft and IBM along with a brief stint writing aviation test software for Garmin International. Since then he has freelanced for a few different startups and ad agencies, occasionally taking on a full time employment before moving on to the next exciting project. His most recent role has been as the VP of Engineering for an EdTech startup, overseeing the construction of a platform that delivered educational content to hundreds of thousands of people.

Kenneth To - Growth Acquisition Consultant

Kenneth is a Co-founder and Head of Growth at Solve Growth, a growth marketing agency that works primarily with startups and advocacy groups Previously, he was the Founder of Saigon Social, the first social influencer agency in South East Asia. Additionally, he serves as an Advisor at the USC Incubator and GrowthX Academy Kenneth received a Masters of Science (Integrated Marketing Communications / Marketing Analytics) from Northwestern University and a Bachelors of Science (Applied Statistics) from Babson College.

Nailah Hayward - Copywriter/Blogger

Nailah is an experienced writer and editor having created online content for her travel blog for nearly 10 years. She also provides editing services for personal and commercial use in a variety of industries. In addition to her writing experience, Nailah graduated from Georgetown University in Washington DC with a degree in International Business and has worked as a project manager for global corporations in the Entertainment, Hospitality and Telecommunications industries.

A Los Angeles transplant who fell in love with her adopted city before even moving here, she enjoys taking in all the city has to offer. Her main passions are international travel, Capoeira and exploring Los Angeles' many hiking trails.

Joy Hepp - Marketing/Social Media Consultant

Joy Hepp is a third generation Angeleno who started her marketing and communications career as a Frommer's travel guide writer while based throughout Mexico. Since then she has written for outlets like CNN, Latina Magazine and LAist. She has served in marketing roles for Ubermedia, Occidental College and AARP. Her favorite activities are yoga, capoeira and deadlifting her 10-month-old.

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We are always looking to grow our community of XW Partners and joining our platform is easy.

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Who can become a XrossWorld Partner?

If you own a business that delivers a fitness class, extreme sport activity, dance class, martial arts class or a therapeutical health care service you can register to join our platform.

Currently, we are only approving registrations from the Los Angeles, California region. If your business is located outside of this region, we still recommend registering and when our offering becomes available in your area, a XW partnership specialist will contact you.


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