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What is Influencer


Influencer marketing focuses on influential people rather than a target market as a whole. These influential people are called Influencers and advertise to their following on social media.

Why should I use it?

Two words - Trust and Loyalty. Only 4% of consumers declare trust in traditional marketing and advertising. Influencers cross that hurdle by promoting your brand to their loyal, trusting social media following.

Why XrossWorld?

We do all the leg work for you. We are the middle man. We boast the largest network of vetted, trusted Influencers who are on-point and ready to promote your brand.

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Why Use Influencers On-demand?

Don't let your competition win over the social media customers!
Influencers on-demand is an effective and affordable solution for growing your social media customer base. Create campaigns and promote your service with multiple local influencers. More the merrier, right!

How It Works

How it works:

1. Register toady. It’s Free!
2. Create a XrossWorld Experience. Aka campaign!
3. We send you the right Influencers. We also let you know who they are, their clout and the end result.

Influencers on-demand was created to help small and medium business stay on top of their influential reach. Are you ready to compete with your competitors?

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Why should you become a Xrossworld Influencer?

It's free to register! Yay!
You get paid to do cool stuff!
Go on an experience like dining out or a fitness class, checkout some fashion and even more...

How It Works

How it works:

1. Register to check if you qualify. Remember it's free!
2. Set up your profile.
3. Start an experience.
4. Complete tasks.
5. Get paid from $125 per experience.

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Launching January 2019

Get paid for sharing an experience! Take a class, dine out, visit a local fashion brand and much more. Dolla dolla bills y’all. Register here...

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XrossWorld™ is a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, artists and personalities. Founded in January 2018 by Julio Chaves and Jascha Rynek, XrossWorld has grown from a simple app that connected users and activities to a full platform eco system offering opportunity and services to the people revolutionizing the way we connect on social media.

We connect real people with real opportunities.