Experience a world of activities with the most flexible membership ever.

XrossWorld is an all-access membership to a variety of activities. Try Rock climbing, yoga, skydive, fitness training, dance, martial arts, massage and more.

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XrossWorld is the only membership App that allows you to reserve a variety of activity experiences.

Choose from Group Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Extreme AdventureSports, Dance, Martial Arts, Massage and much more!

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How it works

Download the App Sign-up to a plan Search and book an activity you like Get rewarded on every activity you do


"Bring a Friend" on your next adventure.

Keep an eye out for the "Golden Coin" for a discount activity.

XrossWorld at your location

Join our list and we’ll update you on when XrossWorld reaches your area, promotions, new activities and more...

XrossWorld allows you to reserve and attend any type of activities


Pay as you go


  • Coin Credit: 0
  • Coin Life: 30 days
  • Coin Cost: $3.50 add-on
  • Discount Window: 6 hours
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  • Coin Credit: 0
  • Coin Life: 60 days
  • Coin Cost: $3.00 add-on
  • Discount Window: 12 hours
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  • Coin Credit: 25
  • Coin Life: 90 days
  • Coin Cost: $2.50 add-on
  • Discount Window: 24 hours
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XrossWorld Bonus Features

Bring a Friend

Invite a friend to join you on your next adventure for a discount price.

Golden Coin

When you see a golden coin reserve that activity at discount.

Discount Window

The time period of when a activity starts the “Golden Coin” discount offer.

Loyalty Credit

Every activity you attend you receive “XW Credit”. Redeem credit for free activities.


Coins are what you use to reserve an activity or experience. Every activity on XrossWorld is worth X number of coins. Each membership has a different dollar value for a coin.

Yes! Every XrossWorld coin you add onto your account has life period. Any unused coins of a previous membership remains valid for that life period and not the new membership coin life period.

Yes! If you are on a monthly membership you can put a hold on your monthly payment for $15 per month. You’ll also receive 3 XrossWorld coins at the same value of your membership.

You can add - on XrossWorld coins at anytime. The add-on coin cost is the same as the plan you are on

On the app go to “ACCOUNT”. There you can change your plan. To cancel your membership fill out the contact form below with the subject "Cancel My Membership"

Only If you are on the monthly membership option.

You pay for the bring a friend pass but XrossWorld coins are only deducted from your account if the friend accepts your invitation to join you.

Yes. But every activity has a different refund policy / time period for when you can apply for a refund.


You can redeem loyalty credits for free activities once you’ve accumulated the minimum required credit. Term of use

Only if you cancel your membership.

Reach out to us today with your question we are more then happy to help you.

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