XrossWorld FAQ

What type of business can use XrossWorld?

Any business can use XrossWorld. We work with major brands, small to medium retail, real-estate, health and fitness, products, fashion labels, hospitality, travel and hotels, special events, music festival, sporting events, food and beverage events and others.

If I'm a third party marketer can i use Xrossworld for my clients?

Yes. Xrossworld has a white label solution for PR firms, Social Media Agency and or 3rd party marketers. Want to find out more or signup? Register and speak with one of our team members directly.

Why use XrossWorld instead of direct reaching an Influencer?

It's faster, more efficient, cost effective and we guarantee professional and vetted Influencers who are real people with real local following.

Can I select the Influencers?

No. Incorporating real life case scenarios; our proprietary algorithm is specifically designed to find the right Influencers for your target market, business and product. Why spend time doing extra work when we can do it for you...

Can I request a influencer to come back to my business?

No. Our job is to provide you with as much new localized reach as possible on every campaign. If the same Influencer is at your business this means the same people will be seeing your brand therefore you wont reach new customers.

Can I select an Influencer demographics that best represents my target market?

Yes. When creating a campaign you'll have to choose the Influencer demographics. You can choose multiple demographics per campaign.

How often should I use XrossWorld?

We recommend at least once a month. Remember branding gives you an exceptionally effective way to broadcast who you are to your target market quickly and efficiently.

Why micro Influencers?

Trust and Credibility. We live in an age where people no longer trust ads. What people are believing is each other. They are following influencers on social media who they trust and admire. Social media influencers can help you gain your audience's trust using authentic storytelling. In fact, compared to the average consumer, micro–influencers have up to 22.2 times more "buying conversations" and 94% of consumers trust peer recommendations over brand advertising.

What is Localized Influencer Marketing?

Xrossworld specializes in sourcing highly localized Influencers who actually live near your business and has a substantial number of real local followings. We call it 'Modern Word of Mouth'. Do you trust recommendations from your friends or family members?

Do the Xrossworld Influencers come to my business?

Yes. Our platform specializes in bringing you real Influential people to your place of business whether it's a retail store, an event or service. They share their experience to their friends, family and followers. So if your business is a service, a product, an event, or you are just wanting to improve your brand awareness, we help you do that.

Why use Influencer marketing on-demand?

It's faster, easier to use, effective and you get all the bells and whistle without having to spend hours negotiating contracts, creating marketing strategy or managing and identifying the right Influencer for your target market.

Who are XrossWorld Influencers?

Our proprietary algorithm qualifies micro Influencers that have a significant number of engagement, reach and real followers who are actively using Instagram.

Do I have to Instruct or manage Xrossworld Influencers?

No. All Xrossworld Influencers already have a plan and instructions on how to best promote your business, brand, event or product. One of our platform specialties is the automated marketing strategies and Influencer management. We believe in the power of a simple and highly effective automated solution. Want to find out more? Register and speak with one of our team members directly.

How will I know if the Xrossworld Influencers will target my demographics?

When you create your Xrossworld Influencer event you set your brand, business, product or event demographics. Select from age, verticals, gender and much more...

How much does it cost to use Xrossworld?

It’s free to become a Xrossworld Partner. After you have registered to become a Xrossworld Partner you have 3 package options to choose from. Each package guarantees you a minimum number of people who will view and engage your Xrossworld Influencer event. For detailed pricing option go to Pricing.