About XrossWorld

Our founders created Xrossworld because they were frustrated by how complex and expensive it was to access Influencer marketing. Both of our founders, having previously owned small to medium sized businesses, realized that they were consistently spending ridiculous amounts of money on social media ads, yet receiving little to no return of investment (ROI). Realizing that when it came to modern marketing strategies, Influencer marketing, AKA 'modern word of mouth', would be a better solution for a higher ROI, they decided to make a change. This included hiring personnel internally, externally and even subscribing to an online Influencer marketing platform. Although these solutions did give them a better ROI, they still required a significant amount of management time and budget. Consequently much of their newfound ROI was actually being spent on managing Influencers and paying the middlemen instead of increasing their bottom line 'PROFITS'.

Realizing that their efforts to utilize a modern day marketing strategy had in fact brought them right back to the start of their original problem, our founders took matters into their own hands and developed a fully automated Influencer marketing platform.

In order to insure that all of the Influencers who apply to join Xrossworld would actually be real people with real local followers, they built a proprietary algorithm using data science and real life case scenarios that excludes fake Influencers.

Even though Xrossworld the company is relatively young, our platform is already helping hundreds of small to medium businesses in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco achieve a greater ROI without unnecessary hassle or prohibitive cost.

Xrossworld is localized Influencer marketing on-demand.

Message from Julio Cerne / Co-founder and CEO.

I started my first small business in 2004. Since than a lot has changed with how we market and brand our businesses. I've tried every marketing trend under the sun from handing out flyers at a busy intersection to Internet marketing, but the solution that has always brought more customers has been word of mouth.

We all know that if a business is going to succeed, we need to spend money to make money. I was tired of spending money and not seeing the returns. Before the inception of Xrossworld, I realized that many online review platforms were actually selling reviews, so I decided to use local Instagram Influencers to create an authentic and genuine word of mouth. With this new strategy working beyond my wildest dreams, I realized that many of my customers might also need a similar solution. I decided to do something about it, and that's how and why Xrossworld was created.

When you try Xrossworld you'll see that word of mouth is still the best way to grow your business. All we ask in return is that you share this solution with your friends and family.

'To build something extraordinary requires more than an individual. It requires the will to share without prejudice action'. - Julio Cerne